Insurance Restoration Contractor Summit



“We know that Jacob and April put together a lot of cool and cutting edge experiences. We know we’ll take away a handful of things every year we go, we’ll see you next year!”

Chris Slusser

“I liked the coming together of other leaders in the industry and learning from them. I went to meet other forward thinking restoration business owners and strengthen relationships with those from last year.”

Dan Keiderling

“I am most satisfied with the opportunity to receive new ideas that I would not have learned elsewhere.”

Brandon Haug

” I was most satisfied with the speakers. They were great, had relevant materials, and were professional.”

Joe Florio

“I was most satisfied with getting to network amongst peers because it helps my business.”

Michelle Wilkendorf

“I think the information about overhead and profit and public adjusting was the most valuable.”

John Schaffer

“Elite did a great job and I was very impressed. I liked it.”

Vince Mastronardi

“The knowledge given was great. I will probably attend in the future as many times as I can until I have learned all there is to know. I am most satisfied with the speakers. I thought they were all informative and they did a great job picking each speaker out for this Summit.”

Jason Brincks

“The overhead and profit portion was great. Now we’re doing it in more cases. It’s really working out.”

Kurt Price

“I was satisfied with the information presented at the IRC Summit. They gave information as how you can deal with insurance companies and customer satisfaction. I learned how to be a better company.”

Jorge Marroquin

“Mike Klem did a great job in presenting overhead and profit. I was impressed with the information on recruiting and found it to be helpful.”

Doug Uneberg

” I am most satisfied with the insurance laws and what I learned from the Public Adjusters.”

Dave Clark

” I was very impressed with all speakers.”

Paul Patterson

“My expectation was to be able to come back and do some process improvements. I learned to do more than that! There were even some processes that weren’t even happening with my business because I didn’t even know about them before attending the IRC Summit.”

Edwin Newmans

“I was most satisfied with the wealth of knowledge from my peers who were in the room with me and were willing to share their ideas for success. I think Jacob and April do an awesome job in the industry and with sharing their knowledge and putting these events together. I know it was a dream of his to do this and it’s awesome! It’s really inspired me to move my company to a higher level. They’re awesome and I love them.”

Ron Radcliffe

“I was most satisfied with a combination of the speakers and other attendees. There was a positive camaraderie and I appreciated the openness and willingness of people to share their ideas and experiences.”

Troy Ballenger

“I am most satisfied with how to deal with the insurance companies and what attitude to have with them.”

Wesley Cannon

“I liked the overall professional outlook on the storm restoration business.”

Larry Herzing

“The overhead and profit information was great. Everything has worked so far.”

Brian Mussen

“They did great, very well organized, speakers were great!”

Magdalena Baleva

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