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Jim Johnson is one of the industry’s leading consultants for industry specific business coaching. He works exclusively with high performing, premier contractors.

Most people know Jim well as the Director of Sales for Acculynx. After four very successful years growing AccuLynx’s business, he resigned to begin a new chapter in his life. He decided to utilize the experience he gained working as a successful contractor and also the knowledge acquired while working with 1000’s of contractors at AccuLynx. Jim’s passion for helping others was a natural fit in transitioning to coaching premier contractors full time. He is quoted as saying, “It is time to give back to an industry that I have only taken from.”

Prior to Jim’s time at AccuLynx, he was the owner of CRSI, a national restoration contractor with annual revenues of over $20 million. Jim also created the American Contracting Team, a strike team providing catastrophic restoration services due to hurricanes.

At RoofCoachPRO Jim has worked with over 70 contractors over the last 3 years, with 53 of them being full time coaching clients and the remainder working on specific needs. His clients have experienced average revenue increases of 72%, with a 5% increase in profitability. These results typically occur within 90 days of retaining RCP’s coaching services. Jim’s clients are more effective and efficient using defined, repeatable processes designed for scalability while mitigating the “day to day” chaos common in running a successful business.

Jim Johnson resides in Montgomery, TX with his amazing wife Michelle and youngest daughter Annika, an aspiring Athletic Trainer. His son Braden is a Junior at Texas State University studying Mass Communications and his oldest daughter Heather is in her final year of law school at South Texas School of Law.

“Great results are the product of effective activity…”
– Jim Johnson

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