Insurance Restoration Contractor Summit




The System – GC Overhead & Profit Billing Mastery

Mike’s education in the restoration business started after several of the major storms hit the Texas and
Louisiana coasts. Working with an engineering company and assessing the damage to thousands of
properties they assisted in the fair claim settlement of numerous claims against the insurance industry.

With investment capital and a much clearer understanding of the insurance business Mike worked
directly with a principle to develop a business plan and obtain working capital to launch a successful
General Contracting Company. From start-up, to administration, operations/production, sales, to all
aspects of the business cycle Mike brings a unique and aggressive understanding of the restoration
business and business in general.

With a clear understanding of the business cycle and incorporating sound business practices and process
Mike brings a wealth of knowledge on creating a long term sustainable business. Through his insight and
perspective, you will understand the importance of creating a business verses creating a job.

Currently Mike works with several smaller companies in the construction, fabrication and apparel
industries. His real strength and focus is coming into a small company and evaluating the company’s
potential and then developing and executing a long term strategy for long term sustainable growth.

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