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Identifying Direct Physical Loss

Neil B. Hall is the industry’s foremost expert on identifying storm related direct physical loss. He is known across the country for his vast skillset in forensic storm damage assessment. Neil has professionally assisted in the fair claim settlement of numerous multi-million dollar property claims throughout his career.

Neil served in both the Army Corps of Engineers and the Navy Civil Engineer Corps, retiring from the military in 1992 to start a new career as a forensic engineer. He is one of few U.S. design professionals ever to have passed the three national licensing exams for Architects, Civil Engineers and Landscape Architects. He currently is licensed as an Architect, Civil Engineer or Interior Designer in five states and as a Disaster Service Worker under California’s Safety Assessment Program.

Neil served on the FEMA Building Performance Appraisal Team for Hurricane Georges and is a Certified Floodplain Manager. He is a past member of the AIA Knowledge Center for Building Performance and currently serves on the ASCE/SEI committee for Structural Assessment of Existing Buildings. He has taught for various institutions including Tulane University School of Architecture, University of Maryland Department of Mathematics and University of Iowa Department of Geography.

He is proudest of his work in human resettlements (earning him the first foreign membership in the United Architects of the Philippines) and a bamboo-reinforced concrete bridge he built in Taiwan after the 1972 Juisui earthquake.

Registrations and Certifications:

  • Licensed Architect (first licensed 1978)
  • Licensed Civil Engineer (first licensed 1981)
  • Licensed Landscape Architect (first licensed 1986)
  • Certified Fallout Shelter Analyst (1972)
  • AICP Certified Planner (1991)
  • Certified Fire Investigator (1997)
  • Certified Third-party EIFS Inspector (2000)
  • Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor (2001)
  • Certified Level 1 Infrared Thermographer (2004)
  • Certified OSHA HAZWOP training in accordance with 29CFR1910.120(e)
  • Certified Wind Network Umpire (2006)
  • Certified Floodplain Manager (2011)

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