Insurance Restoration Contractor Summit




About IRC Sponsors

“Having all the manufacturers there was great. I enjoyed networking with the manufacturers and getting to know them as well as the public adjusters and law firm. It was good having everyone in one place.”

Kevin Doskocil

“I always purchase from IKO because of the IRC Summit.”

Howard Higgins

“The IRC vendors added value because they have a lot of information and products to show you. They have all of the updated, new products. It was a very important part of the experience. I purchased from IKO afterwards for roofing products.”

Jorge Marroquin

“There were products and vendors there that I did not know existed which opened my eyes to what else is available.”

Steve Debruyn

“The IRC offered product knowledge and info in new areas that I was not familiar with before attending.”

John Panko

“It was nice to be able to talk to the vendors one-on -one about products and services.”

Terry Moore

“Some of the vendors are going to add profit to my business.”

Tyler Pietruszka

“I thought the vendors added value with the knowledge they gave and the networks they created.”

Adam Buttorff

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